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What is the difference between high strength bolt friction type and pressure type connection
High strength bolt connection is a great tighten bolt rod inside the strong cohesion plate plate clamping piece, enough to attack a great deal of conflict, and then progress to connect all the sex and
Cause and analysis of high temperature and high strength bolt fracture
Threaded fasteners loose not because bolt fatigue strength: 1 threaded fasteners in transverse vibration experiments can loose with one hundred times, and in the fatigue strength test should be repeat
The reason of the bolt is to explain the stainless steel t-type bolt
Fault factor for bolts:The torque is too large and uneven when installed. Because there is no strict torque wrench in the installation, detail-tightening torque is not too familiar, think the tighte
What is vacuum stabilization of stainless steel screws
Stainless steel cold bolt corrosion resistance drop element, selects the vacuum hardening, vacuum safe treatment and measures for the inductive technology of stainless steel screw chemical
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